When starting Marketing Automation activities, it’s best to have a plan to quickly and efficiently implement solutions that increase sales in your store.

Based on our experience and hundreds of implementations for our clients, we have prepared a model implementation plan to help you going forward. Using this guide, spending just a few hours a week will allow you to implement the most important Marketing Automation scenarios in your store in about a month.

This plan will help you facilitate the onboarding process and will serve as a guide during our joint adventure with edrone :)

We have divided the implementation time into steps and you will find several sub-points in them. Remember that this is a model implementation and much depends on your e-commerce and marketing plan. You can easily expand or skip some points.

Before getting started, make sure that:

  • Integration with the edrone system has been properly completed

  • The links to all registration forms are completed and you are building your database correctly

Remember that when the integration with edrone is completed by your IT department you will be able to run the scenarios on the same day.

Step 1

  • Set the SPF and DKIM entries - this is crucial if you want to communicate by email from your edrone account. See the instructions for setting the SPF and DKIM.

  • Integrate your edrone account with Google Analytics so you will be able to analyze the complete paths of your customers. See instructions.

  • Import the databases to the edrone system and make sure that you have done it correctly. See instructions.

  • Integrate your inbox with edrone and activate customer service from the edrone panel. You will find instructions here.

Step 2

  • Decide which subscription model you choose and implement the newsletter subscription scenario.

  • Implement the scenario: Viewed Products - start communicating with customers after the customer contacts your store. Find out how to configure a scenario here.

  • Implement edrone Chat to make it easier for customers to contact you. You will find instructions here.

  • Set the Chat Subscription scenario if you decided to collect the database during chat contact.

  • Integrate edrone with Facebook Ads Manager. See instructions.

Step 3

  • Prepare and send your first newsletter and generate traffic to the website, enabling the implemented automation scenarios to start sending more messages.

  • Integrate an account in SMSAPI with edrone if you want to communicate via SMS. See instructions.

  • Implement Pop-ups with the option of subscribing to the newsletter.

  • Implement a subscription to the push newsletter to collect a push database.

  • Implement another scenario - Abandoned carts - so you can recover unfinished customer purchases.

Step 4

  • Prepare the sending of the second newsletter.

  • Prepare a product feed so that we can upload it to the panel and send it to hello@edrone.me. See how to prepare it.

  • Implement a scenario to automatically contact customers who have been away from your store for a long time.

  • Implement the Recommendations scenario, use artificial intelligence, edrone has already collected enough data about your customers and their behavior.

  • Create your first remarketing ads with the Facebook Ads module.

Step 5

Step 6

  • Plan future newsletters.

  • Create cross selling rules and run the scenario.

  • Implement promotional pop up or exit pop up on the basket page.

  • Verify that the ads are working.

  • Deploy pop ups on mobile to promote newsletter subscriptions.

Step 7

  • Send a newsletter to your RFM group.

  • Send a push newsletter.

  • Send an SMS newsletter.

Step 8

  • Verify the operation of the automation scenarios.

  • Implement Web Layers or Promotional Pop up on your website.

  • Implement another template from the abandoned cart scenario.

  • Prepare another template from the Recommend scenario.

  • Prepare more templates from the cross selling scenario.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about How to Implement edrone, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@edrone.me.

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