Sometimes, people want to buy, but they need a little nudge to actually do it. Well, what's a better incentive than a nice discount?

If you're not sure about giving away discount coupons, here are some stats that might change your mind:

  • 83% of shoppers make unplanned purchases based on promotions (like coupons).

  • Conversion rates increase by an average of 521% when coupons are used.

  • 70% of consumers have increased their saving behaviors during the 2020 pandemic, looking for sales and discounts.

Sounds promising, right? On edrone, you can add discount coupons to all email-based engagement scenarios and to several other touchpoints such as Pop-ups, Web Layers, Push Newsletters and SMS. Setting it up is incredibly easy, I'll show you how!

How to set up discount coupons on edrone

Any feature that allows the use of the *|COUPON|* merge tag will follow this set-up process. This includes all of the engagement scenarios involving email messages.

NOTE: SMS Newsletters, Push Newsletters, Web Layers and Pop-ups don't allow the use of merge tags, but you can still use coupons by writing them out on your messages. Note that this means these coupons will be static (see below).

To add coupons in a given engagement scenario, enter the scenario and go to the COUPONS section.

You can choose between Static (same coupon for all customers) and Dynamic (each customer gets a unique coupon). We recommend using Dynamic coupons whenever possible, to make sure your coupons won't be shared publicly and abused.

Regardless of your choice, you will need to upload a CSV file with your coupons. Ideally, all coupons will be in the same column. When saving the CSV file, make sure the information divided with commas.

If you need help with creating your coupons, there are several free coupon generators available online.

Once your files are ready, click on UPLOAD (CSV). Select which column contains the coupons, and check the box if you wish to ignore the first line of your file (column titles, for example). If everything is OK, click on CONFIRM COLUMN. A green confirmation message should appear at the top right corner of your screen.

That's it! Now you can easily use your coupons with the *|COUPON|* merge tag. To learn how to use the merge tag, see the next section.

How to add coupons to an email

Once your coupons are ready, go to the DESIGN section of your scenario.

Adding a coupon to your emails is as simple as adding the *|COUPON|* merge tag inside a text box. You can just copy and paste this code, or use the hover menu and select Merge Tags > Coupon.

Once this email is sent, the merge tag will become the coupons (if you chose Static coupons when uploading the CSV file, they will all receive the same code; if you chose Dynamic, each will get a unique code).

For the example above, subscribers would get something like this:

How to delete discount codes

If you want to replace the coupons with new ones, you must first delete the currently uploaded codes and then re-upload them according to the previous instructions. To delete the codes go to the Discount Codes section and then click the "Clear" button.

Now you can import the new coupons.

That's it! I told you it was simple :)

If you need more tips on how to use the new Drag 'n' Drop editor to create your emails, click here.

Need more help?

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