So you've talked with us, discovered everything edrone can do for your online store, and decided to start collaborating with us. That's awesome!

However, maybe you want to turbocharge your team’s learning curve and quickly turn them into edrone ninjas. Or maybe you're concerned that you won't have the time or the people to set up and manage all of your Marketing activities internally. Don't worry, we're here for you!

On top of the basic training and support included in all of our regular plans, we offer two additional packages: Paid Onboarding and Dedicated Marketing Services.

Let's go over each of them!

Paid Onboarding

This is a one-time service designed for companies that are just starting their adventure with edrone and want to get up and running with the system as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This might also be a good option for clients who have been using the edrone system for some time and would like to change things up a bit, learn more advanced ways to analyze and optimize their Marketing efforts, and create new templates they can use in the future.

There are different packages to choose from, with different services and deliverables:

Dedicated Services

This is an ongoing service whereby a specialist from our Support team will be dedicated to helping your online store get the most out of edrone.

It consists mainly in regularly sending Newsletters, Push Notifications, as well as creating and updating Automation scenarios.

By purchasing a dedicated service, you can be sure that your edrone account is under the constant care of an experienced specialist. Your Support Specialist will constantly be in touch, keeping you informed about all current activities and results, while following your guidelines, tips and suggestions.




Number of newsletter campaigns sent (up to)

2 per month

4 per month

8 per month

Number of Push campaigns sent (up to)

2 per month

4 per month

8 per month

Creating automation templates / scenarios (up to)

6 / 3

10 / 6

16 / 8

Editing automation scenarios

3 times per year

5 times per year

8 times per year

Analysing results of automation scenarios and newsletters (edrone + Google Analytics)



NOTE: Both the onboarding service as well as the dedicated service offer you the option of commissioning our experienced graphic designers to prepare original graphics for your stores' communications on edrone.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about Paid Onboarding and Dedicated Services, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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