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Activate your customer base - Send out a newsletter with an updated privacy policy
Activate your customer base - Send out a newsletter with an updated privacy policy

Did you know that running automation scenarios is not enough? Activate your archived customers by sending them your first newsletter!

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Once your store platform is connected to edrone and your automation scenarios are sending the first messages to your store's audience, it's time to activate your store's archived users and subscribers.

Why we do it?

The users you upload to the system will not receive any communication until they decide to visit the site themselves.

To whom do we target such a newsletter?

To the customers and subscribers of your store imported at the import stage of archived store users.
Newsletters in edrone are mainly used to send marketing content, however, if the message will not contain information encouraging purchase, but will only comply with the information obligation on the processing of personal data, you can send it both to customers with unknown status (former customers and users), but also to subscribers who have clearly consented to marketing communications.

What do we put in the content of such a newsletter?

The content of such a newsletter can inform about changes to the privacy policy, if changes to the content of the policy have been made recently - inform your recipients. You can also add information about the entity responsible for processing customers' personal data, which is edrone, to your privacy policy and use this to send a newsletter -> details can be found here

Which scenario is recommended for sending a newsletter?

The most recommended is the Newsletter HUB, which will allow you to reach all subscribers and status unknown in edrone.

For example, what can the content and design of the message look like?

As this is not a classic newsletter, but only a mailing about an update to your privacy policy, stick to a simple design. Don't add any products, don't encourage purchases, don't offer customers discounts or promotions on your products. Instead, in this mailing, add information about where the full privacy policy is available. What has changed in the policy, provide a direct link to the data controller's information, and let them know that no additional steps are needed if they accept. Here you can find examples

Do I need to update my store's privacy policy before shipping?

No, this is not a necessary requirement. However, when you fail to do so, the users and subscribers you have imported into the system will not generate revenue for you before they decide to visit the site themselves. So remind them by informing them of your privacy policy.

What effect will you get?

Edrone will start activating imported customers (not only subscribers to whom you would send a classic newsletter, but also customers with unknown status), so the chance of large revenues realized under edrone will increase several times!
If you need more information à propos the changes to the privacy policy, check out the article explaining the issue!

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about sending Newsletters, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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