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What are UTMs and how edrone uses them?
What are UTMs and how edrone uses them?
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What is UTM tracking?

UTM parameters are codes added to the end of links that help Google Analytics and other website tracking tools identify where visitors are coming from. By adding UTM parameters to emails, you can better understand how emails sent through edrone contribute to overall traffic and conversions.

In edrone, there are 3 default UTM parameters that are always on:

  • utm_source

  • utm_medium

  • utm_campaign

edrone defaults the utm_source and utm_medium parameters to source/edrone and medium/email. It also sets utm_campaign by default, which you can edit as you like.

Here we recommend changing utm_campaig (campaign name) every time you send a newsletter, and changing the campaign name the first time you set up an automation scenario. Don't change the campaign name of the scenarios often as it will be more difficult for you to analyze the results of the scenarios later and compare them to each other. We also recommend that each automation scenario message has its own UTM, i.e., if you create two messages in an abandoned cart scenario set them two separate UTMs, e.g. abandoned cart_1 and abandoned cart_2.

Where to find the UTM configurator in edrone?

You can find the UTM configurator in the DESIGN section of each automation scenario.

Here see it on the example of the Abandoned Cart scenario.



2. Click on DESIGN

Click on DESIGN

3. Edit the value of Campaign Name

Click on Campaign Name

For Newsletters prepared in Newsletter HUB, you will find the UTM configurator in the SETTINGS section of each newsletter you are preparing. Edit the UTM Settings section.


How to check if UTMs are added to my messages?

Each link of an image, button, or dynamic element will be completed with edrone parameters in the received message. Open the message and click the linked item, in the url you will see the parameters added by edrone.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about the UTM parameters, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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