• Why do you need tags?

Our marketing automation scenarios will usually allow you to personalise newsletter content for your target audience (i.e. big spenders)

However, you may need to customize your database segmentation a bit (ie. update journalists with press-releases or you may have two kinds of customers: retail and wholesale). If so, you might find our tags helpful and add them to various categories of customers.

  • How to use tags?

Tags are added to customers in edrone to segment your contact database and send personalised content.

  • How to add tags?

To add tags to particular customers you must first add them to the system.

To do that, go to MISSION CONTROL >> CRM >> TAGGED, then, type what you need and press the “Add” button.

When added, it will be visible as a yellow label.

How many tags can I add to the system?

The tag limit in edrone is 63, and this is why you may delete unused tags by clicking on the bin icon at the label.

You will find the deleted ones in the “Deleted tags” section.

You can restore it using the “Recycle” icon.

  • How will I add tags to customers?

There are two ways of doing that.

One of them is importing the database into the CSV file with tags to particular contacts, or one tag to the entire database.

Another way is to add it manually by opening the customer profile, choosing it from the menu ( MISSION CONTROL >> CRM) and clicking on the “Add” button.

  • What to do next? How to use tags?

Afterwards, you can send the newsletter to customers with only a particular tag. To do that, in the AUDIENCE section, choose TAGGED from the menu in DYNAMIC NEWSLETTER or NEWSLETTER A/B.

That means you choose to send the newsletter to the audience that fulfils the above condition (ie. SUBSCRIBED) with the tag of your choice (below).

  • You have 3 options to choose from:

ANY (if you choose “Newsletter” and “VIP” tags, the message will be sent to the customers with any of these tags);

ALL (if you choose “Newsletter” and “VIP” tags, the message will be sent to the customers with both of these tags);

EXCLUDE (if you choose “Newsletter” and “VIP” , the message will NOT be sent to the customers with any of these tags).

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