Forms integration - why is it important?
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What do you need forms integration for?

When you integrate your store with edrone, it's worth remembering to send newsletter subscription information from your site. To do this, you should also integrate your subscription forms. This will allow you to:

  • acquire and identify users - the email address and other data entered into the form, will be sent to edrone, thus creating a customer card of a new user or updating the data of a user already present in the database

  • sending post-subscription communications directly from edrone - the Newsletter Subscription scenario

  • launching Custom Flows, in which the starting element is the appearance of a new user in the database or the assignment of a tag or a change in subscription status

  • segmentation - for personalized mailings you can use different tags that will be assigned to customers at the time of subscription

How it works?

After adding the appropriate code on the store page, the data entered in the form will be sent to edrone via trace. We can preview the trace in the developer console (open in your browser by clicking F12) in the Network tab. The data that can be seen in the trace (after clicking on it, in the Payloads tab) is sent to edrone and thus a new user is created in CRM, or if it is already present in the database, its data and subscription status information is completed/updated.

Do you need extra help?

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