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Each communication channel has its advantages and disadvantages. You can talk to your customers directly on your website, while they're actively browsing products. You can send them emails with special deals and product recommendations. But how could you make sure to reach them wherever they are – even if they're not online?

Well, your customers likely have their smartphones nearby at all times. Why not send them SMS messages?

One of the major advantages of SMS messages is they are guaranteed to at least appear as a notification that can't be ignored. And they reach your customers regardless of location and internet connection!

You can achieve this in edrone by using the SMS Newsletter engagement scenario. Let's learn how to set it up!

NOTE: This scenario requires integration with SMSAPI. If you don't have it yet, click here to learn how to do it.

Step 1. Get started

To begin, login to your Mission Control and go to ENGAGEMENTS > SMS NEWSLETTER.

The first step is choosing whether you want to create a new campaign or edit a current one.

Make your choice and click on the NEXT: SENDER button or select SENDER from the progress bar on the top of the page.

Step 2. Sender

In this section, you will determine who is sending the SMS messages. You can choose a sender from the drop-down menu, which will show the senders from your SMSAPI account. Click here to learn more about the SMSAPI integration.

To continue, click on the NEXT: DESIGN button, or choose DESIGN on the progress bar.

Step 3. Design

Now you will write your message. Keep in mind that the limit is 160 characters, but it will be reduced to 70 characters if you use special characters (such as ñ, ä, ç).

You can include links in your message, but we recommend using a URL shortener (such as bitly) to keep it as short as possible.

You can also add a Unsubscribe link. Just click the Add UNSUBSCRIBE button, and it will add a *|UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK|* merge tag.

If you want to save, click Save. To clear everything and start again, click Reset.

To continue, click the NEXT: AUDIENCE button or choose AUDIENCE from the progress bar.

Step 4. Audience

In this section, you will determine who will receive your SMS messages. You can select a pre-defined segmentation (basic CRM segmentations, tagged, or RFM if available in your plan) from the Audience type drop-down menu, and segment further by Subscription status:

  • SUBSCRIBED will include all customers who are subscribed to your newsletters

  • SUBSCRIPTION STATUS UNKNOWN will include customers who have informed their email address somewhere in your website (e.g. making a purchase or creating an account), but have not confirmed subscription to your newsletters.


NOTE: SMS messages will only be sent to customers who have a phone number in their profile. If you don't have your customers' phone numbers associated with their profile, import your contact database again with the "phone number" field, or create ways to collect their phone numbers, for example using pop-ups.

When you're ready, select DATES from the progress bar.

Step 5. Dates

Here you will determine when your SMS message will be sent. You can choose to send them immediately, or schedule to another day and time.

NOTE: In edrone, times are in CET timezone.

We're almost done! Click the NEXT: REVIEW button or select REVIEW from the progress bar.

Step 6. Review

In the REVIEW section, you can send a test message to see if everything is OK. Please note that test messages will also use your SMSAPI points.

If everything is working the way you want, click on the RUN or SCHEDULE button, and you're done!

Step 7. Reports

To view your SMS Newsletter's performance, go to the REPORTS section on the progress bar. Here you will find metrics such as Deliverability rate, Number of sent messages and Number of delivered messages. For this scenario, we do not collect the revenue or orders generated by these campaigns.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about SMS Newsletters, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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