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Among the demographic data which can be easily collected from your customers and will influence your communication's effectiveness is gender. After all, people of different genders tend to have different interests and pay attention to different aspects of a product. What attracts one does not necessarily attract the other.

With edrone, you can find your customers' gender in their Customer Profile. The available definitions are: male, female, refused to pass, unknown, and other.

How to collect gender data?

There are five ways to add your customer's gender to their profile in edrone:

1. Manually

After opening your customer's profile, you can manually update their gender data in the About section:

2. Subscription forms

You can add a gender field in your Pop-ups and Web Layers:

3. Email

You can use gender buttons to ask your customers to inform their gender when you send them emails. To do this, add a button for each gender option and select the corresponding gender from the Action Type menu.

To learn more about how to use buttons in the Drag'n'Drop editor, click here.

4. Import

You can add a gender column in a customer database when importing new contacts.

To learn more about the import process, click here.

5. API integration

If your eCommerce platform is either IAI or Vtex, the edrone system will collect the gender data directly from your platform.

How to segment by gender?

After collecting your contacts' gender information and adding it to your CRM, you can use this data to segment your Dynamic Newsletters.

To do so, while creating a Dynamic Newsletter, go to the AUDIENCE section, select GENDER from the Audience type menu, and then select the desired gender from the Gender menu. That's all there is to it! Your email will be sent only to the customers assigned to the selected gender.

Need more help?

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