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  • Gender is available in your edrone CRM

  • Gender collection can be done through on-site elements

  • There is a new audience (only on the dynamic newsletter) based on gender — the system allows you to select multiple genders

  • You can also collect genders via email (sending out emails in which you ask what is the gender of the customer, once he/she clicks on the email gender button, edrone will update it in the CRM)

  • You can see reporting by gender

Let's check this new and powerful segmentation!

It's well-known to marketers that communicating with men, in many cases, is not the same as communicating with women.

Men and women tend to pay attention to different aspects of a product. What attracts the latter does not necessarily attract the first.

With edrone, your customers' profiles will display their gender. The default options are: man, woman, refused to pass, unknown, and other.

How to collect gender data

There are five ways to add your customer's gender to his profile in edrone:

1) Manually: after opening your customer's profile, you can manually update his gender data:

2) Subscription forms (Pop-ups and Web Layers): you can add a field to collect your customer's gender:

3) Via email: you can use gender buttons to ask your customers to choose when you send them emails:

4) Import: you can import a CSV file with the gender column in it:

5) API integration: if your eCommerce platform is either IAI or Vtex we will collect the gender data directly from your platform.

How to segment by gender

After collecting your contacts gender information and adding it to your CRM, you can use it to send personalized Dynamic Newsletters. To do so, please create a Dynamic Newsletter, go to Audience and select "gender", as it shows below. Then, you will be good to go; your email will be sent to the specific gender you select.

We hope that now you will be able to learn more about your customers based on their gender and the level of engagement with your communication initiatives.

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