What are pop-ups? Those are small windows that pop up when certain action is performed by the customer. For example 10 s. after they open page you can welcome your customer, or if they reach certain URL. 

Let's get started!

1. To turn on advanced pop-ups in edrone you need to first turn off the "old" pop-ups, you can do it in ENGAGEMENTS -> NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTION -> POP-UP. If you are a new customer you will automatically have access to advanced pop-ups only. 

One click and you can turn off previous pop-up creator and start using new advanced pop-ups. 


2. Please note you can test and create advanced pop-ups however you will not be able to publish them until "old" pop-ups are turned off.

3. In order to create Advanced Pop-Ups please go to

4. You will start with the following view 

5. Click on "plus" button and start creating advanced pop-ups. 

At this point you can see that pop-up is inactive. You can create up to 4 designs at the moment.  


You can create 3 types of pop-ups:

Welcome Pop-Up
Exit Pop-Up
Action Pop-Up

Welcome Pop-Up
define periodicity, which means how often welcome pop-up should reappear to your customer. If you choose 1 day - it means every 24 hours your welcome pop-up will reappear to returning customer. 

define delay, which means after what time of entering your website the welcome pop-up should appear. 

In this scenario pop up will appear 10 s after entering your website and will reappear every day.

Exit Pop-Up

With exit pop-up you can define periodicity only. 

Action Pop-Up

Action pop-up allows you to choose specific actions on your account like
Add To Cart or Newsletter Subscription.

7. Choose TAGS to define further your customers.

you can read more about tags here 

8. Click NEXT button to go to next section RULES

9. Click "plus" button and choose your specific url if you want it to be defined. You can leave it empty and go to the next section. 

If you choose that url contains "blouse" then your pop-up will appear on websites where in url "blouse" is present.  

You can choose multiple url rules. 

10. Next step is to choose templates. 

You can choose one of the templates and edit it in next sections. 

Confirm your selection: 

11. Next step is to choose the position of the pop-up, you can choose from Center, Left or Right. 

12. Now, let's DESIGN our pop-up. 

When you moce your mouse over any element of the pop-up design you will be able to edit it. 

Submit and redirect will ask you to enter url for the website you wish you customer to be redirected. i.e product page. 

13. After you design your pop-up click NEXT and go to PREVIEW 

Please note it may take few seconds to prepare preview.
Then you will have two options:

GO TO STORE   - it will show you a preview on your website. 

PUBLISH             - it will be instantly LIVE

14. Et Voila ! Your Pop-up is ready. 

If you would like to EDIT or DEACTIVATE your pop-up you can easily do it choosing desired option.

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