If you have a database of email addresses you can import it into edrone.

How to prepare the database file?
It must be a CSV text file, with values separated by commas. Once opened in the notepad, the file should look like this:

Upon saving, remember about proper encoding (we only accept UTF-8 - without BOM). Avoid characters such as "or".

Uploading the database

Once the file is ready, go to your edrone account's MISSION CONTROL >> SETTINGS >> IMPORT and then click on UPLOAD CSV. 

Select the CSV file from your hard drive. You will then be able to assign specific fields from the file to specific types of information.

Select your preferred option for each type. Each selected column will be mapped.

Tags should be previously added to the system (

For each field, you can check the option “Overwrite existing”. This way the information from that column will be updated (use it when the previous import contained wrong data, which you want to correct, or no data, e.g. telephone number).

Once you complete the mapping, you can select options for the whole import:

On the left, select the status for the entire database (if it is homogenous). On the right, you can “Overwrite existing subscription status” (if existing customers in edrone have the “unknown” status, and they have already subscribed to the newsletter, or the other way round – they unsubscribed from it and should no longer receive any content).

Additional information:

  • Database with a heterogeneous subscription status:

It is important for the database entries to have an up-to-date subscription status. If the database is not homogenous in this respect, you can import it with the right status in the relevant column of the file, where:

1 - subscribed0 - unsubscribed 

Selecting the “Invert” option will automatically change the reading (0 – unsubscribed, 1 – subscribed).

No value (or empty cell) – means that the status is unknown and the entry will be imported with such status. These are the store customers who did not subscribe to the newsletter (they haven't agreed to receive marketing content YET).

Pay attention to status labels and bear in mind that the store platform from which the database has been exported may label them differently.

  • Note that during the import the system independently detects duplicate email addresses and adds the first one. Therefore, there is no need to filter the database in this respect.

  • The tags that you add to the entries should have been saved in the system earlier, as mentioned above. (MISSION CONTROL >> CRM >> TAGGED). If a single customer has several tags, they should be displayed in a single column (tags), separated by commas.

Note: If next to the column with the tag you select “Overwrite existing”, then the tag added to the user will be overwritten with the new one. In order not to delete tags, but add them only, you must upload the database with the option unchecked.

  • Issues

You may encounter issues with uploading the database when:

  • You have an invalid separator in the CSV file - only the database separated by commas or semicolons are accepted. In such case, you must export the database from the store platform and once again separate it with the valid character. If the store platform does not offer such option, open the file in Excel (or another editing software) and select CSV file in the export settings.

  • The field includes an invalid value, e.g. in edrone the subscription status is marked with either "0" or "1", therefore any other value, e.g. "Subscriptions" will cause an error. In such case, change the statuses in accordance with edrone labels.

  • The tag was not previously added to the system and you are mapping a column with tags.

  • The size of the file is more than 20 MB (if so, divide the database into several files).

  • The name of the file includes dots - in such case, the database will not be imported.

  • The file has not been saved with UTF-8 encoding - convert it to this format (using, for example, free of charge software such as Open Office, Sublime, Notepad ++, which allows for changing the encoding) by selecting "Save as" and the right encoding (Unicode UTF-8).

  • Simultaneously, the option of mapping the tag from the file is selected and the tag for the entire database is assigned. In such case, the system does not know which tag should be assigned to the user. Use one of these options only. 

To keep the database in order:

  1.  Place the names and surnames in separate columns.

  2.  Delete the columns which are no longer used - e.g. with an address.

If, despite this, the import has failed, you can check what errors were detected by the system by clicking on the "IMPORT ID":

In this case, the issue is "INVALID EMAIL", i.e. invalid value in the “e-mail” column. The character " must not be used.

Other possible errors:

FIELD TOO LONG – too long content of the field
ERROR EMPTY LINE – empty line
ERROR INVALID TAG – the tag does not exist in the system
ERROR NOT ENOUGH FIELDS – more columns than available in the file have been selected while mapping    
UNHANDLED PARSE EXCEPTION – our error, which you must report to the Support.                                              
ERROR EMPTY FIELD – empty field                                        
ERROR NO EMAIL – no e-mail address

If, once you have solved the above issues, you are still unable to properly import the database, use the HELP button and report the fact to our Support Team (hello@edrone.me).

The database will then be saved on the server and we will be able to help you.

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