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How to call a customer on WhatsApp
How to call a customer on WhatsApp

To send messages to chat with customers via WhatsApp, you should follow these steps

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After integration, you'll be able to:

  • send templates to customers who are in your contact base,

  • reply to customers who get in touch,

  • send messages to subscribed customers in your contact base using custom flows.

Do you want to add a customer to your contact base? Learn how here.

After integrating with WhatsApp, setting up your Edrone Inbox, and creating a WhatsApp template, go to DASHBOARD > INBOX > INBOX and click on the + icon to create a new message.

You can also send emails, but in this case, you'll select the WhatsApp option.

In "recipient phone," type or search for the number to which you'll send the message.

In "template," select a template (that has already been created and approved) to send to the selected number.

Then, click on the "send message" button.

It's important to note that to activate customers, i.e., to send WhatsApp messages to call them or to make dispatches using custom flows, customers must be subscribed to your contact base.

We don't offer the option to add only the WhatsApp number and the customer's name, as in a phone book, because that would be illegal (according to data protection law). The customer must agree to receive your messages, either by email or WhatsApp.

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