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Add the world's most popular messaging platform to your edrone Inbox!

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edrone's Inbox is your Customer Care hub where conversations from different channels can be easily managed by your team in one place.

Apart from Chat, Email and Facebook Messenger, it is possible to integrate your edrone Inbox with the most popular messaging platform in the world: WhatsApp.

With this integration, you will be able to see WhatsApp as an additional channel inside your Inbox.

Let's dive right in and see how this is done!

Go to Inbox tab

In the Inbox tab, in the top left corner, you will find instructions for integrating with the various channels available, including WhatsApp.

Go to Inbox tab

Click on WhatsApp

Click on WhatsApp

Click on Integrate WhatsApp.

Go to the form and fill in the required details to integrate with WhatsApp.

Click on Integrate WhatsApp

Click on Integrate WhatsApp

Click on Integrate WhatsApp

Fill in the form.

WhatsApp has a very strict policy on automated dispatches. For this reason, we highly recommend you use the new phone number that edrone Customer Support will create for you in the Vonage platform.

You will find your Company Manager ID in your company panel in the Meta Business Suite. Under settings ( business.facebook.com/settings), go to "business information", where you will find your Business Manager ID at the top of the page.

Other necessary information:

- Brand Name (how you want it to appear on WhatsApp);

- Store email (with own domain).

Enter the relevant data in the form.

Submit the completed form for verification.

Once you have submitted the form, our Support department will take the next steps and you will be informed of the success of the integration.

Remember that messages from WhatsApp will appear in Inbox with special icon.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about the WhatsApp integration, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@edrone.me

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