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Add the world's most popular messaging platform to your edrone Inbox!

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edrone's Inbox is your Customer Care hub where conversations from different channels can be easily managed by your team in one place.

Apart from Chat, Email and Facebook Messenger, it is possible to integrate your edrone Inbox with the most popular messaging platform in the world: WhatsApp.

With this integration, you will be able to see WhatsApp as an additional channel inside your Inbox.

NOTE: this integration is mediated by Twilio, a specialized solution for connecting communication platforms. To learn more about Twilio, click here.

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Let's dive right in and see how this is done!

How to integrate your edrone Inbox with WhatsApp

To begin, log into your Workspace and go to INBOX > WHATSAPP.

NOTE: It is necessary to have the Inbox set up before integrating with WhatsApp. To learn how to set up your Inbox, click here. You also need a Facebook Business Manager account. To learn more, click here.

1. Fill out the form

The first step is filling out the form to request integration. Please note that this can only be done by Super Agents.

You will be required to provide the following information (mandatory fields in bold):

  • Company's email address (automatically validated, must be a real email address)

  • Company's name

  • Companys HQ country (choose from drop-down list)

  • Company's website (automatically validated, must be a real URL)

  • Industry (choose from drop-down list)

  • Facebook Business Manager ID (click here to learn where to find it)

  • Company's phone number

NOTE: Make sure everything is correct, because you will not be able to change the information provided later on. Only our Support team will be able to make any changes after you click the SEND REQUEST button.

There will also be two checkboxes:

After clicking the SEND REQUEST button, you will see this screen:

This means your request for integration is in progress. Due to WhatsApp and Twilio policies, this entire process might take around 4 to 8 weeks to be completed.

2. edrone Support handles the rest

Yes, all you have to do is fill out the form and wait :) There is still quite a lot happening after that, but our Support team will handle it for you.

3. After the integration

Once integration is done, the WhatsApp section (INBOX > WHATSAPP) will show details about the integration.

Here you will be able to request suspension of your WhatsApp integration. Please note that, once your integration is suspended, WhatsApp will no longer appear as an available channel in your Inbox. It is possible to restore integration at any time by clicking the RESTORE button.

WhatsApp integrations can also be suspended by edrone's Support team. In this case, only the Support team will be able to restore integration.

How to use WhatsApp inside the Inbox

To put it simply, WhatsApp will work just like other channels inside your Inbox. this means that:

  • When you receive a new message from WhatsApp, a grey notification will appear at the top-right corner of your Workspace screen.

  • While using the Inbox, you will find WhatsApp as a new source option to filter conversations.

  • A WhatsApp icon will appear next to conversations coming from this channel.

  • It is possible to assign agents and labels to WhatsApp conversations.

  • The Customer Profile will appear whenever you are interacting with a customer whose phone number is on your database.

NOTE: It is not possible to create new conversations, only respond to conversations initiated by customers.

Conversation status

Initially, WhatsApp conversations will have an "open" status. There are two ways they can change into "closed" status:

  • By an agent clicking the CLOSE button inside the message window or on the conversations list.

  • The conversation expiring automatically. Due to WhatsApp policy, conversations are automatically closed after 24 hours from the last customer message. This means that agents have a 24-hour window to reply to conversations, otherwise they will be automatically closed until the customer sends a new message.

NOTE: All closed conversations inside the edrone Inbox remain with this status for 14 days. After this period, they automatically change to "Archived" status.

Please note that closed conversations from the WhatsApp channel cannot be restored into open status – the send button will be disabled. However, it will still be possible to create a note or a message template.

The time remaining until the conversation expires is always displayed as the last status in the conversation.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about the WhatsApp integration, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@edrone.me

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