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In order to establish a healthy relationship with your customers, your support team needs to respond quickly and assertively.

However, with so many different communication channels – e-mail, chat, social media, phone, etc... – things can easily get out of hand. That's why we at edrone are always working on solutions to optimize your Customer Care processes.

In the edrone system, you have all your Customer Care channels and features organized in one place.

Meet the edrone Inbox!

What is edrone's Inbox

Inbox is the Customer Care solution centre in the edrone system. It allows you and your team to manage conversations coming from email, chat, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, all organised in one place and optimised for Customer Care excellence.

Why use it:

  • 1:1 conversations with customers

  • Full support for messages sent via email, chat, Messenger and WhatsApp

  • Centralised channel for support questions and issues

  • Improved Customer Intelligence to increase the efficiency of support activities and increase customer satisfaction (and therefore sales)

  • Complete customer profile with purchase and interaction history

  • Hours of operation

  • Conversation evaluation

  • Multiple message messaging

  • Audio notifications (on/off)

  • Group messages

  • Automatic replies

  • Message templates

  • Assignment of agents

  • Opening, closing, sleeping and archiving threads

In short, Inbox has all the resources you need to achieve and maintain a high level of your customer interactions!

Now let's take a look at everything you can do with edrone's Inbox.

How to use edrone's Inbox

To access Inbox, log into your Workspace and go to the INBOX section, which you will find in the main menu.

When you access this feature for the first time, you will need to set it up by integrating it with your email account.

In addition to integrating with your email, you can also use your Inbox to manage conversations on chat, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

All the necessary instructions, you will find in the top left corner of Inbox:

Click on Integrate more communication channels…

In the 'Settings' section, you will find three different customisation options.

You can choose the settings you are interested in from the available options.

Click on Inbox Settings…

Inbox panels

OK! Once you have integrated edrone into your Customer Care channels, it is time to learn how to use the Inbox.

It is divided into two main sections:

  1. Conversation and filter panel

  2. Current conversation panel

Click on Messages…

Let's take a closer look at each of the panels.

Conversations and filter panel

The conversation and filtering panel is where you and your agents will manage all conversations, filtering them or searching for specific ones.

By default, conversations are sorted by the date of the last message (newest to oldest).

As you also know there are 4 message sources: chat, email, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Each message will be highlighted with an icon assigned to the source.

It is also possible to filter chats by:

  • Status (open, closed, snoozed)

Click on Messages…
  • Assignments (My, Unassigned)

  • Sources (Chat, Email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp)

  • Reading status (read, unread)

In the conversation panel, when you respond to a customer, you have the option to use AI assistance. Artificial intelligence will catch grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. After writing your answer, you can verify it with the "Correct text" button. If something is wrong, AI will catch it and show you in the window, changing the color of the change made to purple, you can accept or reject the proposed changes.

Using the search bar in the filters, you can search for conversations by:

  • Username

  • Email address

Click on Assignment…

Message Status in edrone's Inbox

There are three conversation statuses in edrone's Inbox:

  • Open: The thread is in progress and requires attention. Open threads are displayed in the conversation list by default.

  • Closed: The thread has been completed. Once the customer's needs have been met, the agent should close the conversation to signal that it no longer requires attention. By default, closed threads are not shown in the conversation list.

  • Snoozed: Threads that have been postponed, e.g. pending verification of the request. These threads open spontaneously after a time period specified by the agent.

It is important to point out that the edrone system never removes a conversation permanently. This allows agents to return to old conversations at any time.

Inbox is not only used to respond to conversations initiated by customers. It is also possible to create a new email by clicking the plus icon in the top left corner (right next to the Messages header). This message will appear in the conversation list.

Click on New message…

That's all there is to know about the Conversations and filter panel. Let's move on to the Current conversation panel!

Current conversation panel

When a conversation is selected on the Conversations and filter panel, it will appear in the Current conversation panel.

Let's go over each element of this section:

  1. Assign to: here you can assign a conversation to a specific agent. Only the assigned agent will receive a notification regarding this conversation.

  2. Snooze: here you can postpone a particular message at a time of your choice. You can use pre-set time slots or choose a custom one. After the specified time, the message will be automatically reopened.

  3. Close conversation: once the customer's needs have been met and their questions answered, the conversation can be closed. It will then be in the "closed" tab.

  4. Template: you have the option to create and use message templates to answer frequently asked questions.

  5. Notes: agents can add internal notes to the conversation that are not visible to the customer. This is useful for reminders or communications between agents. If the customer is identified, any notes added to a conversation with them will be visible in the customer details panel.

  6. Attachments: here you can add an attachment to your message.

  7. View profile: here you will find the details panel about the client, which you will read more about below.

  8. More: You can add here users to the conversation, redirect message to different adress or show conversation history.

Client's profile

You will access the customer profile via the 'view profile' button. You can use the pin in the top left corner of the customer profile to pin it to the conversation.

Click on Kettie Richmonde…

What the customer details panel contains

At the very beginning, you can view the customer's name. Below this, you have the option to send a message to the customer, export the customer's card to HTML, unsubscribe the customer from all broadcast channels and remove him or her from the database altogether.

1. In the properties section you will find:

  • information about the number of visits and orders of the customer, as well as their AOV,

  • details such as: e-mail address, first name, surname, telephone number, date of creation of customer profile in edrone,

  • the customer's email and sms subscription status,

  • demographic data such as country, city, language, date of birth, gender and customer ID,

  • the shopping section, where you can find out detailed information on the customer's order-related data (last visit, number of visits, value of orders, or, for example, customer segment, where high risk means that the customer has not visited your shop for at least 30 days, low risk means that the customer has not visited your shop for at least 7 days, active means that the customer has visited your shop in the last 7 days).

2. The activity section is responsible for displaying the customer's recent activities in connection with your shop. This could be browsing a product, an order, a status change, etc.

3. In the tags section, you can check the customer's current tag or add a new one.

4. You can also view the chat history.

5. In the system tab, you will find all technical aspects related to a particular customer.

Inbox Report

In order to achieve excellence in Customer Care, you need more than just a complete set of communication features. It is also crucial to measure your team's activity and performance. That way, you will be able to better understand your customers' needs, find out the days and hours when customer interactions are more intense, which conversation topics are more recurrent, and many other key metrics.

Click on Inbox Dashboard…

To learn more about edrone's Inbox Report, click here.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about edrone's Inbox, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@edrone.me

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