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How to create WhatsApp templates in edrone?
How to create WhatsApp templates in edrone?
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If you want to create a message template to use in edrone, here are instructions to help you do it!

1. Click on Custom Flow in main menu


2. Click on Design - WhatsApp


3. Choose New template

Click on New template

4. Enter the name of the template

Click on Hi! Nice to see you! 😍…

Notice that on the left you have a preview of your template - you can see in real time how your message looks in the app!

Click on Template name…

The template name must be unique. Must not contain:

- capital letters,

- spaces

- polish characters

5. Choose the Language of your template

Make sure it's the same language you use to communicate with your customers!

Click on Language…

6. Type the content of your message (or inspire yourself!)

Click on Body…

7. Click on “Create new template”!

Now you wait for verification of your template, if everything goes well and you get the green light - you can add it to your Custom Flow!

Click on Cancel…

8. Verification Process

Now you are waiting for your template to be verified! After clicking "Create New Template" you will be taken to a view where you will see what status your template has. If the status "Pending" changes to "Verifed" - you can go ahead with Custom Flow!

Click on ID…

What about in case you want to change your theme?

You can always delete it and create another one from scratch!

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