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How to integrate WhatsApp with edrone?
How to integrate WhatsApp with edrone?

Chat and create custom flows using the world's most popular messaging platform!

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Have you ever imagined being able to send a message on WhatsApp to a customer who abandoned a cart in your store or to those who bought a specific product 30 days ago and you want to remind them that it's time to restock?

We have improved the integration of edrone with WhatsApp!

  • To integrate, you need to provide a new phone number that has never had WhatsApp active before;

  • The number should not be integrated with any other messaging platform;

  • After the integration, you can use the SIM card to receive and make phone calls. However, WhatsApp can only be used within edrone and will not be available on the mobile app.

Follow the step-by-step guide and see how easy it is:

In edrone, go to DASHBOARD > WHATSAPP and you will see this screen:

Then, click the “integrate WhatsApp” button.

This screen will appear, allowing you to connect your business manager's Facebook account with edrone:

Fill in your company's details and click next:

Select the WhatsApp Business account to be used for the integration:

Next, you will define the name of your WhatsApp Business account, the name you want to appear to your customers, and the category to which your business belongs:

Now, enter the country code and the phone number with the area code. You can use a landline.

Choose how you want to be contacted by Meta to verify your number: via SMS or phone call. In this step, you will receive a code that needs to be entered in the next step to validate your integration.

If you provided a landline, remove the IVR (interactive voice response) and choose phone call.

Did you receive the code? Enter it in the corresponding field and click next. If you haven't received it, you can request it again within 1 hour.

After the verification is complete, you can start creating your templates, and calling and responding to your customers in the Inbox.

We provide 100 messages for you to start using. Understand how it works.

After using the 100 messages, contact support to subscribe to a message package.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about the WhatsApp integration, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat or at

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