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How to verify that your newsletter signup forms are properly integrated with edrone?
How to verify that your newsletter signup forms are properly integrated with edrone?
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It is very easy!

All you have to do is find all the embedded newsletter signup forms on the site and use temporary test email addresses.

Why built-in signup forms?

We emphasize "built-in " in the site because these are the only forms that require additional integration with edrone. We do the integration of such forms at the beginning of our cooperation or, if the situation requires it, during the cooperation.

Remember to let us know if you add a completely new sign-up form (or just a checkbox with marketing consent e.g. at the ordering stage) or change the design of the site (the selectors we use in the integration scripts may change).

If you are collecting a subscriber base through our onsite elements, you don't need to remember about additional integration. The forms will work properly as long as your basic integration is correct and complete.

How to verify that a form built-in in a page is integrated with edrone?

  1. Open the page with the form in incognito mode

    The incognito mode is crucial, because if you visit your website often, or are testing something, you are probably already identified (recognized) by edrone, and you may find that you currently have subscriber status, which is equivalent to not receiving a message with a code again for signing up for the newsletter.

  2. Open the temporary email address generator

    For example, and copy the generated e-mail address.

  3. Subscribe using the copied e-mail address through the form of your choice on your site

  4. Check if a message or messages appear in the temporary box

    Depending on which subscription model you are using. If you have a double opt-in, you will first receive a subscription confirmation message. If you confirm your subscription by clicking on the link there, you will receive a second message - a welcome message (often with a discount code for subscribing).

    If you receive both of these messages, it means that the subscription from the site is working properly. Repeat the action, for other signup locations, but using new test email addresses.

    In addition, you can verify the customer card of a given e-mail address - there you will see some user activities. For more on this, read this article:

Need additional help?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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