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Make sure that users consent to the processing of their personal data!

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n Online Marketing, the opt-in process determines if and how the end-user allows a company to collect and use their data.

There are different ways to do it using the edrone system, which we'll discuss in this article.

Single Opt-in or Double Opt-in?

Before we dive into the opt-in options in edrone, it's important to understand there are two types of opt-in:

  • Single opt-in

    After filling out a subscription form, the user doesn't have to do anything else and their data is saved to the database. Before you choose this option, we strongly recommend checking the data privacy regulations on the locations where your organization operates.

  • Double opt-in

    After filling out a subscription form, the end-user receives an email request to confirm their subscription, typically by clicking on an activation link. This method helps avoid misunderstandings and limits the legal risks in the eyes of data privacy legislation such as GDPR since they require companies that collect personal data to be able to demonstrate that the end-user has expressed voluntary and informed consent.

NOTE: Regardless of the opt-in process you choose, bear in mind that subscription forms should always include a checkbox confirming consent!

So, do I need Double Opt-in to be compliant with GDPR?

Not necessarily. However, it is still strongly advised to use Double Opt-in instead of Single Opt-in.

GDPR requires the user's permission to collect their data, so in theory, a Single Opt-in process would suffice – after all, you asked for the user's data, and the user gave it to you, so you have their consent, right?

Yes, however, GDPR also requires you to be able to prove that the user gave their consent, which will be much harder to do using Single Opt-in. Using Double Opt-in you don't have to worry about that, because the second email serves the sole purpose of confirming consent.

Not only that, but using Double Opt-in will guarantee that the data provided is accurate. Using single opt-in, if the user writes a typo on their email, their subscription will be lost.

Therefore, we strongly encourage the use of Double Opt-in.

NOTE: Due to the amendment of the Law on Consumer Rights (as of January 1, 2023), which includes in its application contracts in which the customer does not pay with money, but with personal data, it is necessary to adapt the newsletter records to the new legislation.

As a result of the changes, you should be even more sensitive to having a checkbox next to your newsletter sign-up form. Check out our recommendations and align your operations with the current Omnibus Directive here.

Opt-in models in the edrone system

NOTE: Even if you're not using the Newsletter Subscription scenario, it is important to consider which opt-in model you will choose since this choice will affect how your customer's data is sent to edrone, which will have implications in all engagement scenarios that involve segmentation.

  • edrone Double Opt-in

    Consent is collected through the edrone system and automatically updated each step of the way. After filling out a subscription form, the customer will have a subscription status "Unknown" and will receive an automatic confirmation email with an activation link. Only after clicking this link will the status be updated to "Subscribed". All necessary information regarding the user’s right to information – such as the exact time of subscribing/unsubscribing –, can be found on the user's individual profile in the edrone system. This data can be downloaded and presented to the user at any time. We strongly recommend this option.

  • Double Opt-in non edrone

    In this model, the responsibility for the two-step authorization lies with you (using a different mechanism to collect customer confirmations). If you select this option, please bear in mind that all contacts are initially added to the system with the “Unknown” status. Only after clicking the activation link does the user’s status change.

  • Single Opt-in

    After filling out the subscription form, the user is added to the database with the status "Subscribed".

  • Single Opt-in with message

    After filling out the subscription form, the user is added to the database with the status "Subscribed" and a welcome message is sent.

Syncing subscription statuses

If you want to receive an automatic notice when a customer subscription status has been changed, please refer to our documentation.

You can also export a list of all Unsubscribed customers in Settings > Export. Click here to learn more.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about the opt-in process, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@edrone.me

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