Subscription models in edrone

Overview of subscription models and their configuration

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What is the subscription model?

The subscription model determines what messages will be sent to your recipient when they sign up for your newsletter via pop-up, web layer, or any other form that is available on your site (such as a form in the footer).

Subscription models available at edrone

  • Double Opt-In edrone - Consent is collected using the edrone system and automatically updated at each stage. After filling out the subscription form, the customer's subscription status appears as "Unknown" and the user receives an email with a confirmation link. Only when this link is clicked does the subscription status change to "Subscribed." All the necessary information regarding the user's right to information - such as the exact start/end time of the subscription - can be found in the user's individual profile in edrone. This data can be downloaded and presented to the user at any time.

  • Double Opt-In without edrone - In this model, the responsibility for two-step authorization falls on you (using a different mechanism for collecting confirmations from customers). If you choose this option, remember that all contacts are initially added to the system with a " Unknown " status. Only when you click on the activation link does your status change.

The disadvantage of this model is that the current subscriber database will not be available in edrone, so you will need to take care of the mechanism responsible for sending subscription status information to edrone (status synchronization).

  • Single Opt-In - After filling out the subscription form, the user is added to the database with the status of "Subscribed" and they do not receive any messages.

  • Single Opt-In with a message - After completing the subscription form, the user will be added to the database with the status of "Subscribed" and a welcome message will be sent.

Single Opt-in subscription model is recommended by us. By implementing it, you will build your base faster and ensure the comfort of your user.

Double Opt-in model prolongs the subscription process, and the more work on the user's side, the less positive it is for their customer journey.

Opt-In message from the platform vs. messages from edrone

If your store platform also offers to send messages after subscribing to a newsletter, without the option to opt-out, customize them so that their content is not duplicated. An example path in a double opt-in model might look like this:

  • The recipient signs up and receives the first message from your platform with the example content: "You are about to receive an email confirming your subscription!";

  • He or she will then receive a confirmation message from the edrone system with the example content "Confirm your subscription!";

  • Later, a second message is sent from the platform with the sample content "Your discount code has just been sent to you!";

  • The last message is a welcome message from edrone with the sample content "Thank you for subscribing - here's your discount code!".

How do I choose a subscription model at edrone?

Follow the steps below to select the model that suits you.





3. Click on OPT-IN

Click on OPT-IN

4. Choose the subscription model that suits you

Need more help?

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