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I think there is no need to introduce Facebook Messenger. Today, it is a crucial Customer Support channel, right beside email and telephone.

However, tending to different channels in different places can be overwhelming. But don't worry, edrone's got your back! You can integrate your company's Facebook Messenger right into your edrone INBOX. That way, eCommerce's customer service agents can seamlessly answer emails, live chat conversations, and Facebook Messenger conversations all from just one panel inside edrone's system.

And what's even better, this integration can be made in just a few simple steps and doesn't require dealing with code.

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How to integrate Facebook Messenger to your INBOX

To begin, log into your Mission Control and go to INBOX > FACEBOOK MESSENGER.

Right away, you will see a text box with a yellow button underneath. Click on the CONNECT TO MESSENGER button.

You will be required to log in your Facebook account.

Click on the "Continue as [your name]" button.

Select your company's page.

On the next window, make sure both options are active (YES) and click on Done.

After that, this confirmation message should appear:

Great! From now on, your edrone INBOX will start receiving messages from Facebook Messenger.

How to manage your Facebook Messenger integration

Once integration is complete, edrone's Facebook Messenger integration page will automatically update.

It will now show which fanpages are currently integrated, and will give you the opportunity to install Facebook Messenger's plugin to your website, if you wish.

You can also disconnect from Facebook Messenger at any time. Just click on the DISCONNECT FROM MESSENGER button.

How to use Facebook Messenger on you INBOX

When you receive a new message from Facebook Messenger, a grey notification will appear at the top-right corner of your screen.

To answer it, go to INBOX > FACEBOOK MESSENGER.

And then you will see an interface where you can easily chat with each customer.

That's it! Enjoy your newly integrated Facebook Messenger.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about Facebook Messenger integration, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@edrone.me

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