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Facebook Messenger Integration

Answer your Facebook messages without leaving edrone!

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Facebook's Messenger is an application that probably needs no introduction.

Nowadays, it is one of the key channels for communicating with customers, right alongside email and phones.

We know from experience that having multiple communication channels in many different places can be problematic. It's easy to get lost and forget something. Fortunately, edrone has taken care of you in this situation as well. You now have the option to integrate your company's Facebook with INBOX from edrone. As a result, your agents will be able to respond to emails, chat messages and those from Messenger virtually instantly. On top of that, from the same place - our system.

Best of all, this integration only requires a few simple steps and none of them is coding.

Sounds great, doesn't it?

Go to Inbox tab

Select Messenger integration in the top left corner.

Go to Inbox tab

Go to settings.

Go to settings

Click on Integrate Facebook Messenger

Click on Integrate Facebook Messenger

Now you have to log in to Facebook account.

Untitled step

Click "Continue as [your name]"

Untitled step

Choose your company's website.

Untitled step

On the next page, make sure both options are active and click Done.

Untitled step

Later, the confirmation message should appear.

Untitled step

Great, you're all set! From now on, INBOX from edrone will receive messages from your Messenger.

How to manage your integration?

Once the integration is complete, the page dedicated to it will update itself.

It will now show which fanpages.

Click on Connected Fanpages…

Currently, Facebook has resigned from integration with the messenger widget. As a result, the widget will not be displayed on the site after integration. Messages from messenger, however, will be redirected to Inbox.

You can resign from this integration at any time. Simply click on DISCONNECT.

Click on Disconnect

Remember that Facebook Messenger messages will appear in Inbox with special icon!

That's it! Enjoy your newly integrated Facebook Messenger.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about Facebook Messenger integration, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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