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What data is collected by edrone after user identification?
What data is collected by edrone after user identification?
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Through integration and identification, we are able to collect data on specific users. We collect personal and behavioral data.

Personal data:

  • email address (necessary for identification)

  • first and last name

  • telephone number

  • city and country

  • gender

  • date of birth

  • language

Behavioral data:

  • viewing products

  • adding to cart

  • ordering (what products, number of products and order value)

  • delivery of an email or text message from edrone

  • opening and clicking on an email from edrone

  • viewing and clicking on the Onsite edrone elements

  • signing up to the newsletter and referral program (changing email and SMS signup statuses)

  • signing up to edrone push notifications

  • sending messages on Chat edrone

Data about a specific user is collected on the customer's card in CRM edrone.

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