How to collect customer birth dates?

Make sure you don't miss this important piece of customer data!

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Using edrone, you can collect and store your customer's personal data, including birth dates. This can then be used to engage with each client and offer them special rewards on their special day using the Birthday scenario.

But how to collect customer birth dates?

This can be easily achieved with edrone's on-site features: Pop-ups or Web Layers.

When creating a Pop-up or Web Layer with a subscription form, simply add a field with the date of birth: in the Content section, click the Add Element button, then select Birthday.

NOTE: Don't forget to include checkboxes for data processing consent!

This element can be freely placed wherever you want in your Pop-up or Web Layer. Once a user fills out that form and confirms their subscription (Double Opt-in), their Customer Profile will be created (if new) or updated (if existing) with their birthday info, which you will be able to check on the Details section of their profile.

What if I already have their birth dates and only need to upload it to edrone?

This is the easiest situation – just import your customers' birthdays into edrone's system! To learn everything about the import process, click here.

NOTE: If you use IAI or Vtex platforms, you don't have to import the CSV file. The data can be downloaded directly from the plaform thanks to the API.

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