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Find out what options are available and who can benefit from paying by card.

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We have introduced an enhancement for edrone license payments. You can plug in your card, from which funds will be regularly charged as part of your license payment and additional services (if applicable).

Who can benefit from convenient card payments?

This feature only applies to users with a Usage-Based pricing model, with the following designations:

  • ED1122HQ

  • ED1022HQ

  • ED0722HQ

  • EDA0823HQ

  • EDT0823HQ

  • EDT0923HQ

  • EDA0923HQ

  • ED0224HQ Pure

So if you have any of the above billing models, you can plug in your card now and enjoy the benefits 👏

If you do not have a Usage-Based pricing model and would like to be able to use the card plug-in facility, please contact us at
We will put you in touch with an account manager to select the best billing model for you.

Once you have switched to the new billing model, you will also be able to use the card payment option.

Why sign up for a card?

First and foremost, convenience. By connecting the card, you can forget about having to pay edrone invoices via bank transfer. The system will automatically, on the appropriate day, collect the payment from your card. What else is waiting for you?

Billing data in one place

In an easily accessible place, you will get information such as:

  • the applicable price model

  • the date of your next invoice

  • the amount of the next invoice

  • billing data (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, tax ID)

  • your invoice history (value, date of issue, payment status; it is also possible to download an invoice).

You can also change your billing data from the panel

Click on Edrone License - Usage Based - EDT0823HQ…

Where do you find the option to plug in your card and invoice details?

Once you have logged into the system, click on the cogwheel icon in the top right-hand corner. Underneath it, you will find the 'billing' tab, which will redirect you to the next card.

Right click on Billing

In next step clik on "Payments detail and invoices":

Then find the "PAYMENT METHOD" tab in the panel. Click "add payment method" to plug in your card.

Click on Add payment method
Click on Add payment method…

Do you need additional help?

If you have any additional questions or concerns about paying by card, please contact us at

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