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The Billing tab - what does it contain?

Find out what information about your payments you can find under Billing!

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Note that the Billing tab is only available to customers who pay their subscription by card!

The Billing tab is divided into two sections subscription details and contact details. Below you can see what's in each of them!

Section Subscription details:

Click on Subscription details

Here you can check the value of your current invoice:

Click on 920…

And also the day on which payment for the next invoice will be collected:

Click on Next payment on 15 May

Here you can also go to the tab where your invoices are available, as well as payment details:

Click on Payment details and invoices

Tab Contact details:

In this tab, you can check the number of contacts that are currently counted in the invoice amount:

Click on 1751

And also from which number of contacts the new price level will apply:

Click on Current price limit 2000 contacts

And how many contacts are missing the next price threshold:

Click on 249 contacts remaining until next price limit.

Need more help?

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