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Edrone collects data on your customers, now it's time to put it to use. Run automation scenarios and send newsletters.

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With the integration, edrone collects data on your users to better understand them and tailor your offerings to them. From this data, we can find out what your customer has browsed, added to the cart, or purchased. This will help us personalize our message to him even better. Remember loyal customer is at a premium, so run the following scenarios to make your customer feel taken care of by you:

Run the indicated automation scenarios

  • Recover Abandoned Carts - send a message to customers who have added a product to their basket but have not bought it. Remind them that their basket is still in your shop! Celebrate them with a discount on its contents!

  • After sale - get in touch after purchasing products from your shop, loyalize your customers, thank them for their purchase and recommend further products, give them a voucher for their next purchase, and ask them to give feedback!

  • Viewed products - get back to customers who were interested in your range, don't let them forget the products they were interested in. Point out that they are still available and waiting to be purchased!

  • Restore customers - get back to customers who haven't visited your shop in a while, and encourage them with bestsellers in the shop or a small discount on their purchases! Maybe it's time for them to replenish their stock.

Remember: If you have not already done so - send your first newsletter

Without sending a newsletter, the entire imported customer base will not be activated. See how to send the first newsletter.

And that's it! Once you've run at least 4 automation scenarios and sent out newsletters, you'll win over the competition and build a real relationship with your customers!

Need more help?

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