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How do you increase the value of your shopping basket?
How do you increase the value of your shopping basket?

Find out our ways to increase the value of your basket.

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The dream of every e-commerce owner is to record high revenues based on high customer basket values.

The proposed bestsellers or discount codes do not always help to achieve this goal.

However, edrone comes to the rescue!

One of the ways to increase value can be our automation - the Loyalty Program. When a customer makes a purchase, the discount threshold is increased and by setting the thresholds accordingly, the value of the basket can be increased. You can find more about the Loyalty Program here.

Cross-selling can be another way of doing this, in which you yourself choose which products to present to the customer as recommendations, which can have an impact on the purchase value of the customer's order. See how easy it is at this link.

The third way is a customized approach to automation, which is Custom Flows, where you create a communication path to the customer yourself, depending on their actions.

Properly configured paths can lead to a significant increase in order value! How do you set up Custom Flows?

The aforementioned bestsellers are also a good treatment, i.e. adding a dynamic element to the creative and promoting products, these can also be static products.

You can also offer customers free delivery for a certain amount, often customers prefer to add a product to their basket rather than pay shipping costs.

Discount codes can also help, here an interesting treatment could be to display a Pop-up or Web Layer with a promo code for subscribers only, where the promotion would be time-limited.

You can find out how to set up a Pop-up here and how to create a Web Layer here

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