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How do you send your first newsletter?
How do you send your first newsletter?

Find out our tips for sending a newsletter with a privacy policy update.

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First messages to your shop's audience, it is time to activate your shop's archived users and subscribers.

Why are we doing this?

The users you upload to the system will not receive any communication until they decide to visit the site themselves.

Who do we target such a newsletter at?

To customers (those with an unknown status) and subscribers of your shop imported at the import stage of archived shop users.

Newsletters in edrone are mainly used to send marketing content, however, if the message will not contain information encouraging a purchase, but will only comply with the information obligation on the processing of personal data, you can send it both to customers with unknown status (former customers and users), but also to subscribers who have clearly consented to marketing communication.

What do we include in the content of such a newsletter?

The content of such a newsletter can inform about changes to the privacy policy, if changes to the content of the policy have been made recently - inform your recipients. You can also add information about the entity responsible for processing customers' personal data, which is edrone, to your privacy policy and use this to send the newsletter

  1. Administrator informs Users that it entrusts the processing of personal data to the following entities:

    a)Edrone Sp. z o.o., 1 Lekarska St., 31-203 Krakow, NIP: 676-248-20-64, KRS: 0000537197 - in order to use the mailing system, used to send the newsletter,
    b)Edrone Sp. z o.o., 1Lekarska St., 31-203 Kraków, NIP: 676-248-20-64, KRS: 0000537197: - for marketing purposes only for the purposes of emali, sms, social media campaigns launched or indicated by the Administrator using the edrone system.

  2. The Administrator informs that it uses the following technologies to track the actions taken by the user/customer within the Store website

What, for example, might the content and design of the email look like?

As this is not a classic newsletter, but only a mailing about a privacy policy update, stick to a simple design. Do not add any products, do not encourage purchases, do not offer customers discounts or promotions on your products. Instead, in this mailing, add information about, for example, where the full privacy policy is available. Below is a sample email.

Do you need additional help?

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

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