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Instructions for integration with shopGold platform
Instructions for integration with shopGold platform
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  1. From the administration panel, select the Integration section and go to the "Tracking Systems" tab

  2. Activate the integration below and enter the app_id, which you can find in edrone's settings, in point 2.

Syncing subscription status(optional)

  1. Go to Integration in edrone settings and find the section "Subscription status synchronization". Enter the data:

    Endpoint: Here you need to enter the endpoint address, which includes your domain name and postfix "", for example: (replace demo-store with your domain)

    Version: then you need to choose a version, currently we recommend choosing NATIVE_4

    Synchronized statuses: Select unsubscribed and subscribed statuses

    2. The last step is to click on the Synchronize button.

    For more information on synchronizing your subscription status, check out our documentation.For more information about syncing subscription status, check our documentation.

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