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Instructions for integration with IdoSell platform
Instructions for integration with IdoSell platform
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  1. Log in to your control panel

  2. Select the "Moderation" tab, and choose "HTML and JavaScript snippets" from the Frontend Design section.

  3. Select the shop you want to integrate and then import the downloaded package by pressing "Campaign ICF import"

  4. In your campaign list find edrone integration and press 'edit campaign'.
    Switch the radio button to active and save

Setup API account

  1. Select "Administration" and then "Panel users management"

  2. Select "Add User"

  3. Fill in all fields as shown below. Set the password individually

    Remember about switching Automatic e-mail notifications to NEVER. It is important due to privacy law regulations.

  4. The domain name for the store can be checked by going to Administration -> "Installation, de-installation and shop configuration"

  5. Copy the URL of the technical domain

  6. Go to edrone settings and provide created credentials and technical domain here
    Use the Login and Password of the user that you created

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