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Subscription status synchronisation in edrone
Subscription status synchronisation in edrone
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Subscription status synchronisation is an additional functionality in edrone which allows subscription statuses to be updated on the store’s platform. It uses an endpoint (which is the connection between edrone and the platform), which is created on the platform, and its task is to receive and process information sent by edrone.

How do I use the synchronisation in edrone?

To start status synchronisation, log into the system and go to Settings -> Integration. Under the integration data, you will find the Subscription status synchronisation section. Here, you need to enter the url (endpoint) to which status information will be sent from edrone and further to the shop platform.

Beforehand, of course, you have to adjust the endpoint, so that it is able to receive and handle the data sent from edrone, based on our documentation: The address can consist of the domain and the suffix "/update_subscriber_status", e.g., but can also be of any form.

Then, in the system, after entering the link, select the version of synchronisation, the one used when creating the code under endpoint (the latest is NATIVE_5, all of them can be found here: and decide which statuses should be updated on the shop platform (whether only unsubscribe, subscribe or all).

Once correctly configured, the system listens for status changes in edrone and sends information (sends a request) to the specified endpoint as soon as the status changes.

The synchronisation (edrone → platform) does not create new profiles on the shopping platform, its purpose is to send information about a change in status, i.e. if a customer signs up via onsite with edrone and the address does not exist on the platform, the account for the address will not be created on the platform via our mechanism. In this case, the mechanism that receives the data from us must be adapted itself so that it is able to add new records on the platform.

How do I check that subscription status synchronisation is working?

  1. Subscribe via the form on the website with a new address or use an address which already exists in the edrone database.

  2. In the edrone CRM, a customer card will appear with a status unknown in the case of double opt-in, or with a status subscribe in the case of single opt-in. Depending on which statuses are sent to the endpoint (which were selected when setting up the synchronisation in the settings section), the chosen status should be assigned to the selected address, e.g. if you have set up the sending of unsubscribes only, then you should change the status to unsubscribed on the chosen customer card.

  3. When the status is changed in edrone, this information is automatically sent to the endpoint (to the platform), which should result in a status change on the shop platform.

  4. To confirm this, search for the email address on the store’s platform and check if the status was updated.

  5. If the status has changed, then the synchronisation is working.
    If not, check if the endpoint has been set up correctly, if the correct settings have been selected in the system, if a request from edrone has been recorded on the server and if it has not been blocked for some reason. If everything looks fine and the synchronisation is not working, please contact us at

What is two-way synchronisation?

It relies on the fact that not only does the status update on the client's platform when changes have occurred in edrone, but also in edrone the status is updated if it changes on the platform.

How do I set up platform → edrone synchronisation?

You can set up the edrone -> platform synchronisation according to the instructions above, but if you need to synchronise statuses the other way round (platform → edrone), you need to prepare code on your side, which will send information (trace) about status changes to our API address (endpoint): When preparing the code, use our documentation. Here:, you will find sample code with the parameters to send (app_id, email, subscriber_status, action_type, sender_type) for the status update in edrone.

This way of sending data to us creates customer cards for non-existent addresses in the edrone database, i.e. if the status changes for an address that for some reason is not in edrone CRM, a new customer card will be created with the submitted subscription status.

How do I check if the platform → edrone synchronisation is working?

  1. First, change the status, to the selected address on the platform.

  2. Then check if the status has also changed in edrone on the customer card in CRM.

  3. If the status has changed, this means that the synchronisation is working.

If not, check if the code for sending requests has definitely been prepared correctly, if the request has actually been sent to our API, if so, and the status still does not change, contact us at for verification

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about syncing subscription statuses in edrone, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat or at

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