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Instructions for integration with WooCommerce platform
Instructions for integration with WooCommerce platform
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To integrate with WooCommerce platform, download the integration package by going to Settings-->Integration section. Click the WooCommerce icon and then the "Download package" in point 1.

  1. Log in to the WordPress panel, go to "Plugins" and select "Add new"

  2. Click the button "Upload plugin", which is in the upper left corner

  3. Select a previously downloaded package and continue by clicking the button "Install"

  4. Go to "Plugins" and activate the previously preloaded plugin "edrone Integration.

  5. Go to "WooCommerce" and select "Settings", and then select "Integration"

  6. Enter the App ID and App Secret which you can find in section integration in point 3 and save your changes.

If after integration you get an error and your platform does not work connect to your server via FTP/sFTP and find your WordPress installation directory (on UNIX it is typically located in /var/www/html).

Enter wp-content/plugins and rename the woocommerce-edrone-me_latest folder to any other name to disable the plugin (for example - woocommerce-edrone123)

Please contact us, and we'll try to solve this problem

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