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Instructions for integration with Magento platform
Instructions for integration with Magento platform
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To integrate with the Magento platform, you need to download the edrone module, which can be found in the Integrations section after selecting the appropriate platform from the list

  1. Log in to the Magento Admin Panel.

  2. In the System tab, select Magento Connect and then Magento Connect Manager. You might be asked to log in one more time.

  3. Uncheck "Put store on the maintenance mode while installing/upgrading/backup creation" in the Magento Connect Manager Panel.

    Ignoring this step will result in switching the entire store into Maintenance mode

  4. In the "Direct package file upload" section, click "Choose File", and upload the previously downloaded package.

  5. Scroll down the screen - information about the successfully installed module should appear on the black screen.

  6. The module should now be visible in the "Manage Existing Extensions" section above.

  7. Log out and log in to your account, and then select "Configuration" from the System tab.

  8. Click “Edrone” on the bar situated on the left side, then insert your App Id and App Secret that you can find in the Integration settings in edrone.
    Then click "Save Config" on the top right

Syncing subscription status(optional)

In your Magento admin panel, find the edrone module and make sure "Send data via curl" and "Subscription status sync" are set to "YES"

If you are using Varnish, it's worth adding a new path (/edrone/) to ignore.

"if (req.url ~ "/edrone") { return (pass); }"

Setup process in edrone system

  1. Go to the Integration in edrone settings and find the "Syncing subscription status" section. Here you need to input the endpoint address, which contains the name of your domain and "/edrone/newsletter/update" postfix, for example:

  2. Next, you need to choose a version, the current one is NATIVE_4 and which types of status you want to send to your platform.

  3. The last step is to set the status to Enable and press 'Save'

For more information about syncing subscription status, check our documentation

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