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How to manage discount codes in Custom Flows?
How to manage discount codes in Custom Flows?

Find out how to add a pool of static or individual codes and how to manage them.

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How to add a new pool of discount codes?

To add discount codes, you must head to the section in the Custom Flows called "Discount codes" and then click on the "Create new pool" button.

A panel will appear where you will have the opportunity to make a selection of what type of discount codes you want to use in your Custom Flows.

Whichever type you decide on, you need to name your voucher pool so that you can easily recognize it later.

How do I edit the value of a static code?

To do this, go to where the voucher pool you have created appears and click on "edit static code"

Enter the value of your code:

How do I add individual codes?

If you opt for an individual voucher, once you have found your voucher pool and clicked 'add individual codes', the option to upload a CSV file with the codes will pop up.

Once the file has been added correctly. The status and the number of vouchers will update. From now on you will be in control of the current number of codes.

Where do I check in which emails a specific pool of vouchers has been used?

Select which pool you would like to check and a spreadsheet will appear showing which emails have the specified codes in them.

How do I add a coupon pool to a specific Custom Flows email?

To use a coupon pool go to the DESIGN-EMAILS section and then click on the creative you want to add the codes to. When you scroll down, you will be shown the 'manage coupons' section, where you can decide which pool you want to use. Once you have selected your codes, save your changes and run your finished Custom Flows. That's it!

Remember that you can only use the discount codes after you have added the appropriate coupon tag to the design of your email.

How do I manage notifications of expiring codes?

You do this directly in the "COUPONS" section. You can set at which number of remaining coupons you will receive an email notification.

Need more help?

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