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How does order cancel event work?
How does order cancel event work?
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After implementing the appropriate script from our documentation, data on order cancellations by customers are also included in the edrone system. Edrone counts all canceled orders, and their total can be seen in the "Canceled Orders" report. In addition to the total number of canceled orders for the selected period, the report also includes data on specific days when order cancellations occurred, along with the amounts associated with them. This report can be found in the Reports -> General Overview section.

Canceled orders do not affect the automated scenarios that are activated after a purchase. This means that if, for example, a customer places orders for the required amount to receive a reward from the Loyalty Program scenario, and then cancels part of these orders, the customer will still receive the reward. A similar situation occurs with the After Sale scenario – despite the canceled order, the message from this scenario will not be blocked.

Remember that statistics regarding total revenue do not include amounts from canceled orders

It is also important that the data sent via our script maintains the appropriate format, such as dates, prices, etc.

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