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Cookies file at edrone
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What cookies does edrone use and for what purpose?

Cookies in edrone are mainly used to identify users, thanks to them the system registers if the same user returns to the shop website.

They are also needed for the display of onsite elements on the store, e.g. if you set a pop-up to only appear once every 3 days, then when that pop-up is seen by a particular user, it records information in a cookie so that it is not displayed again to that user for 3 days.

The collection of push subscription information is also done by storing the information in a cookie.

In addition to cookies, we also save two identifiers in local storage.

These are also used to identify users and also help when recommending suitable products (when using the Marketing Machine).

You can find all cookies and other identifiers and their descriptions in our documentation:

Should cookies from edrone be blocked when a user does not consent to cookies?

When cookies are blocked by not giving approval in your cookies consent widget, this will cause us to lose the identification of the user, and therefore we will not be able to collect information about their behaviour on the site, so they may also not receive messages from our automations.

However, edrone is a marketing tool, so if the user, does not consent to marketing cookies, you should respect their decision and in that case do not track their behaviour on the site.

Then, on your side, you need to adjust your consent mode widget so that it blocks the relevant cookies depending on the customers' consents.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about cookies in edrone, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat or at

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