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Find edrone in Google Analytics

Track your campaigns and search for scenarios!

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From 01/07/2023, Google Analytics Universal has ceased to be supported in favor of Google Analytics 4.

Before you start searching for edrone in Google Analytics, you need to remember that edrone makes purchase attribution based on opens - even if they were not followed by a click.

NOTE: Attribution allows you to measure the impact of individual channels in generating sales and conversions.

This is made possible by placing a hidden tracking pixel in the email and by our cookie-based session binding mechanism. Google Analytics does not have data on the openings of emails sent by edrone. It can only attribute a purchase to edrone if users have clicked on the link provided in the email.

Depending on the number of purchases, and only when they are opened (so-called "view-through") the differences between edrone and Google Analytics reports may be significant. For more information on the differences between edrone and Google Analytics reports, click here.

Visibility of edrone in Google Analytics

In Google Analytics you can find edrone as:

  • edrone/email

  • edrone/push

  • edrone/display.

This depends on what campaigns you are sending and whether you are using the Marketing Machine recommendation framework.

If you want to check the revenue generated by edrone in Google Analytics go to last click model > Acquisition section > All traffic > Source/medium.

Tracking edrone transactions

If you want to track transactions generated by edrone / mail, edrone / push or edrone / display enter the word "edrone" in the search engine.

You can also track each Marketing Automation scenario running in edrone. This is possible because each one has its own UTM attached to it.

To do this, go to Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns:

Search for active scenarios and campaigns

Here you can search for each scenario or individual campaigns sent. To do this, enter the UTM designations that are available in edrone under each scenario in the Design section.

You can also make changes manually. In this case, to find:

  • Abandoned Carts scenario - type ABANDONED_CARTS

  • Viewed Products scenario - ADVANCED_RESTORE_CUSTOMERS

  • Cross-Selling scenario - CROSS_SELLING_TRANSACTIONAL

  • After Sale scenario - AFTER_SALE

  • Recommend scenario - RECOMMENDATIONS

  • Loyalty Program - LOYALTY_PROGRAM

  • Restore Customers scenario - RESTORE_CUSTOMERS

  • Custom Newsletter - CUSTOM_NEWSLETTER

  • Newsletter Subscription scenario - NEWSLETTER_SUBSCRIPTION or WELCOME_MESSAGE

  • to search for revenue from newsletters - NEWSLETTER

We recommend that you change the UTM of the individual Newsletter campaign and track it separately. If you do not do this all campaigns will be combined.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about edrone in Google Analytics Universal, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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