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Contacts section - FAQ

In this article, you will get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Contacts section

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The implementation of the new segmentation in the system is taking place in stages.

The Contacts section will be made available gradually to a larger and larger pool of customers - so if you don't see this tab yet, don't worry!

It will soon appear in your account :)

What do the percentages refer to besides the number of engaged contacts and unengaged?

These percentages refer to the level of interaction your contacts have with your emails and store page, such as opening messages, viewing products, adding them to the shopping cart and placing orders.

By analyzing this data, you can optimize your email campaigns by focusing on engaged contacts and using automation to reactivate unengaged contacts. Such a strategy helps maintain a high open rate (OR) and click-through rate (CR) and prevents messages from ending up in the spam folder.

In the statistics, you will also find information about the percentage of contacts' engagement depending on their subscription status, which is continuously updated. For example, if we have 93.25% engaged contacts and 6.74% unengaged contacts in the entire subscriber base, the sum of these values is 100% of all contacts.

What does the information about percentages in the last 30 days refer to?

In the statistics, you will find information about the percentage changes over the last 30 days. It shows how the number of contacts in each group has changed, whether through the arrival of new contacts, their moving to other groups, or unsubscribing.

How often do we update the segments of engaged and unengaged?

These segments are updated on a regular basis.

Will it be possible to prepare a segment of users who have only interacted in the last 30/60 days?

Yes, these options will be available in future segmentation implementations by adding filters.

How will segments behave with new edrone customers?

In order to deliver value from the very beginning, we will check the imported emails of new customers. If they are in our database and are "engaged" with other trackers, we will take this into account.

The classification (Engaged/Unengaged) is based on several characteristics, such as interactions with stores and emails. This allows our system to automatically distinguish between each customer and assign the appropriate status.

Where will the customer be able to use the prepared segments?

For now, the segments will only be available in the newsletter.

What happens if a customer loses integration or changes platforms? Will we keep the last data, or will we clean it and collect new data, starting with user identification?

The information will be stored in the client's account, so it won't be lost.

Will it be possible to export customer-prepared segments?

Yes, this option will be available in future segmentation extensions.

Will it be possible to edit the prepared segment? Or will the customer have to prepare a new one in case of any errors during configuration?

Yes, the ability to edit segments will be available in future segmentation extensions.

Will the RFM and Spenders tabs have the same segments we have now, such as Frequent Buyers?

Yes, these segments will be available in future segmentation extensions.

Can I "engage" the unengaged? Why do I need this "unengaged" option, and how can I use it?

When contacts become "unengaged," that is, they do not interact for a long time, the customer should try to reactivate them using the "sunset campaign" (this feature is not yet available). This allows the contact to become re-engaged, otherwise they may be unsubscribed from the database.

Will the CRM section be completely removed from the system after the new functionality is implemented?

No, the new "Contact Us" section will not cover all CRM capabilities, so it will not be removed immediately.

Need more help?

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