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How to import a product feed into edrone?
How to import a product feed into edrone?

Find out where you can add a feed in your account panel

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To import a product feed into the system, follow the steps below.

1. Where you are in the edrone CRM panel go to 'PRODUCTS' tab

2. Click on 'Upload' when you import feed for the first time

3. Add your product feed link in the dedicated field

4.Click on 'Upload'

5. Wait until your feed is imported

Importing a feed, depending on the size of the file, can take from several seconds to a dozen minutes.

6. Click on 'Feed' tab and check feed import status

After correct implementation, you will be taken to the 'Products' tab, where you will see the products added to the system, along with information such as ID, title, URL, price, and availability.

In addition, here you can see the total number of products, the number of new products (which the system did not know before), and the number of unavailable ones.

Clicking on the 'Feed' tab will take you to a place where you can see the current processing status, update history, and the ability to change the frequency of downloads, and disable and delete the feed.

Everything is set up, good job!

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