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Mechanism of operation of the Abandoned Carts scenario
Mechanism of operation of the Abandoned Carts scenario

After which action is the Abandoned Cart scenario triggered?

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The trigger for sending the Abandoned Cart scenario message is when the user adds a product to the cart.

The recipient must therefore go to the website and click the button to add the product to the basket. The recipient must then exit the page without completing the order. Then, after a time specified by you, the recipient will receive up to four messages within this scenario.

The information about the added product to the cart is sent to the edrone system via the integration, specifically the add_to_cart event. This event contains, among other things, product data such as:

  • product identifier (e.g. product_ids)

  • product name

  • product URL

  • product image URL

This data is stored in the system and used to complete the product information in the so-called dynamic elements. As a result, any user who receives a message from this scenario will see in their email the products they added to their basket.

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