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How to pause an automation scenario?
How to pause an automation scenario?
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It's necessary to pause an automation scenario whenever you wish to make a change in their respective settings or modify the message design.


Select the automation you wish to pause. In this example, we'll pause the ABANDONED CART RECOVERY scenario, but the visual is the same in all scenarios.

How do I know if a scenario is active in my account?

When active, scenarios have a green triangle icon, like a "play" sign.

What do the icons in the automation scenarios mean?

Paused scenarios have two parallel lines. It means the trigger is suspended.

Scenarios with incomplete settings are represented by a wrench icon.

Never-configured scenarios have a star icon.

Clicking on the automation will bring up this screen:

To pause the automation, click on the REVIEW step and then on the PAUSE button.

Make the necessary adjustments, and to reactivate the automation, follow the same path. Instead of the word PAUSE, you will find the word RESUME on the button.

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