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How do I check the reports for a single automation scenario?
How do I check the reports for a single automation scenario?
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In summary, data analytics plays a key role in optimizing marketing strategy, improving customer experience and achieving better financial performance in e-commerce. In particular, analyzing revenue and customer behavior provides valuable insights for e-commerce professionals, allowing them to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Why you should analyze data, how to analyze the results of your campaigns, and which indicators to focus on can be found in this article.

Here, you will learn how to analyze the data of individual automation scenarios.

Data analysis of automation scenarios

Each ready-made automation scenario is built similarly, with the steps you need to follow to run it. The final step is the Reports section, which allows you to check the results from a scenario over a selected period of time.

Go to the ENGAGE section, select a scenario, and then to the REPORTS section


In this section, you will analyze the results of the scenario over the selected time period.

Click on 4

You can analyse the data in terms of the whole scenario, i.e. all configured messages or per specific message

Click on All…

If the scenario has the possibility of sending messages also via SMS channel you will also be able to analyse the results per channel

Click on All

Here you will approach the number of messages sent, and opened along with the OR open rate, the number of messages clicked, the CTOR rate, the number of orders generated by this scenario, the value of these orders, the number of discount codes sent and the number of unsubscribes.

Click on REPORTS…

Here you will also see the orders that this scenario helped to generate and the individual customers who completed them.

Click on ORDERS

Analyzing the results is very simple and the conclusions you draw when you do it will allow you to optimize your operations.

You can make comparisons of the results of the scenarios to each other under REPORTS=> ENGAGEMENTS

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