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How is an automation scenario different from a newsletter?
How is an automation scenario different from a newsletter?
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By automation scenario, we mean a series of messages sent after a site user performs a specific action (for example: viewing products, adding them to a shopping cart, or ordering them). In addition, an automation scenario set up and run once works until you turn it off or the store's integration with edrone is complete.

Sending a newsletter/newsletter is a typical email marketing campaign, sent to email subscribers. You can schedule newsletters, but they do not run automatically i.e. they do not send in cycles.

Despite the fact that an automation scenario is not the same as sending a newsletter, we recommend that you use both functions. Why?

By sending regular newsletters to your subscribers, with interesting message content you can encourage them to go to your store's website. Once a user enters the site, he or she will probably browse some products, or perhaps add them to the shopping cart - and since the system, thanks to the integration performed, will note the execution of an action by the user, it can trigger messages from the automation scenarios run and reminds users of a visit to the store, or an abandoned shopping cart, and consequently induce a conversion.

So we can conclude that automation and newsletter mailings are a connected dish that can take your results and your customers' shopping experience to the next level!

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