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How do automation scenarios work?
How do automation scenarios work?
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How do automation scenarios work?

Automation scenarios (Marketing Automation) are nothing more than predefined mechanisms for sending emails triggered after certain events. They allow for automated marketing activities.

In order for them to work properly, a correct and complete integration is necessary, because it is through this integration that automation scenarios have the trigger to send messages.

Standard automation scenarios in edrone allow you to engage your site users after three basic actions:

  • viewing products

  • adding products to a shopping cart

  • ordering products

  • newsletter subscriptions

If the integration of your e-commerce with edrone is complete (P.S. you can count on our support in verifying the correctness of the integration) you just need to configure the selected scenarios once, run them and that's it!

However, keep in mind that it's a good idea to redescribe your messages from time to time.

How can you interact with the configuration of scenarios?

From the moment you run a scenario, the system will treat the flowing actions from the page as message triggers, and from there it's close to user engagement and conversion.

However, if you need more flexibility in preparing automation scenarios, we recommend using Custom Flows, which allows you to create paths where you can include different customer attributes or narrow down the parameters of the actions performed. In addition, Custom Flows allows you to engage recipients not only with the email message, but also with elements displayed on the page, such as pop-ups

Need more help?

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