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Benefits of implementing Single Opt-in model

Wondering which subscription model to choose? Check out the benefits of implementing the Single Opt-in model!

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Faster growth of subscriber base

Single Opt-in allows you to acquire subscribers quickly. And as we know, the subscriber base is the basis for running effective email marketing campaigns

Friendly user experience

Single Opt-in offers a quick and simple sign-up process that is more appealing to users. The lack of an additional email confirmation step provides a seamless user experience and will positively impact their customer journey.

Fewer oversights

Double Opt-in can lead to situations where confirmation emails end up in spam or are overlooked. Single Opt-in eliminates this risk by adding interested users directly to the list.

What about bots?

Currently, bots are getting smarter and attacks are happening even with the Double Opt-in model. Be sure to secure your forms with reCAPTCHA.

How does this look in numbers?

Single Opt-in

(without the message)

Double Opt-in

Open Rate (OR)



Click To Open Rate (CTOR)



What this means for you:

If 1,000 users fill out your form and leave their email address, then being in the Double Opt-In model, only 546 users will open the email and 235 users will click on the link (CTOR=42.97%).

In the Single Op-In model, when 1,000 users fill out your form and leave their email address, your base will grow by exactly the same amount.

Case closed?

Well, it depends. Different companies have different target audiences and goals. Test and analyze the effectiveness of both single and double opt-ins.

Need more help?

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