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Declared base in edrone - what do you need to know?
Declared base in edrone - what do you need to know?
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At the stage of selecting the best offer for you and signing a contract for the provision of services by edrone, the base declared for uploading is agreed upon. You need to specify how many contacts (with subscribed, unknown, unsubscribed status) you will upload to the edrone system. On the basis of the declared database size, the first invoice will be issued in accordance with the price list.

If you upload more contacts to edrone than you have declared, a subsequent invoice will be issued for the value appropriate to the number of contacts uploaded, according to the signed price list.


You have an EDT0823HQ price list that includes the number of contacts with all statuses (i.e. subscribed, unknown, unsubscribed). You have declared a database of 2550 contacts on the contract, which corresponds to PLN 1220 (net) in the price list.

The first invoice will be issued for the amount of PLN 1220 (net), if you have purchased additional services, this invoice will also include the fees for these services.

If you upload a database of 3,500 contacts in total, your next invoice will be for PLN 1265 (net).

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