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Landing page for Referral Program - how to integrate it?
Landing page for Referral Program - how to integrate it?
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If you use a Referral Program, but prefer to use a form on a landing page rather than an onsite element to sign up new users, this is of course possible in edrone, however, it requires basic programming knowledge, so get help from your developer. The preparation of such a landing page is on your side, and the integration of the page with edrone is as well, but we provide you technical documentation:

However, before you put the code for the refer a friend program on the page, make sure that our initialization code is there too. If not, add it based on our documentation:, the refer-a-friend program will not work without it

What should a form for a referral program contain?

The form should consist of fields for data entry, a checkbox with consent to email communication sent by the data administrator, and a button. The data that the user obligatorily has to enter is the email address, and in addition it can be other personal data that can be collected by edrone (you can find all the parameters here:

As for the referral code (e_ref parameter), there are two options, either the customer enters it manually in a dedicated field, or it can be taken from the referral link - when preparing the code, you decide which option you will use.

How does signing up for a referral program through a form on a landing page work?

If the code is correctly written and implemented, then when the user fills out the form and presses the signup button, an affiliation event is sent to edrone, and in the CRM edrone you can see information that the user has received a message from the Refer a Friend scenario.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about the integration of the form to referral program, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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