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How to personalize messages?

Learn about tags to personalise your message.

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Personalizing your messages is a great practice that will make Recipients feel that the message is addressed directly to them and not to a whole group of people.

How to personalize messages with tags in Drag n Drop creator?

Our creator allows you to personalize your messages in several ways, in a very simple way.

Let's get started!

To begin, we go to the Design section of the selected message (for example Dashboard → NewsletterNEW→ selected newsletter → Design). Then, we enter the selected text field.

When you click in the active text field, additional tools will appear next to the cursor. At this point, select Merge Tags.

Available personalization tags

  • Confirm Refer A Friend Participation Link - a tag for the Refer a Friend scenario.

  • Coupon - discount code (if you add this tag, you need to configure the Coupons section.

  • Customer Value - the amount the customer spent overall in our store.

  • Email - the email to which the message will be sent.

  • First name - the phrase that the customer entered in the "first name" field in the newsletter signup form, order, or any other place from which edrone retrieved their data. If the field is left blank, the tag will not be visible in the outgoing message to the customer. We recommend using this tag at the beginning of each message to personalize it more. 😉

  • Last name - the phrase that the customer entered in the "last name" field in the newsletter sign-up form, order, or other place from which edrone retrieved their data.

  • Referral Code (on the landing page) - tag for Refer a Friend scenario.

  • Referral Link (for pop-ups) - tag for Refer a Friend scenario.

  • Visit days ago - in place of the tag will be put the number of days since the customer's last visit to the site. The data is expressed in the form of a number, after the tag the word "days" should be added. Especially useful in the scenarios of Restore customers, Abandoned shopping carts, and Reviewed products.

For our example, we will need a Name tag. When clicked, the tag is automatically added to our text field. Just like standard text, we can edit the font type and size, its color, bold and italic.

To make sure everything looks exactly the way we want it, let's send a test email.

Done! 💪

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about message creator and personalization in edrone, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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