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How to copy messages and their elements?
How to copy messages and their elements?
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Copying a selected element

When creating emails using the Drag 'n' Drop creator, click the element or block you want to copy.

Two buttons will appear in the lower right corner of the items: a trash can icon (to delete the item) and a duplicate button.

When you click the duplicate button, a copy of the item will be inserted below the original. You will be able to edit it and move it to any location.

This only works when copying elements or blocks within the same message. To copy an item from one message to another, you must copy the entire message and paste it elsewhere, then delete the unnecessary parts. Keep reading to learn how to do this.

Saving a block

In addition to duplicating an item, the Drag n Drop creator also allows you to save an entire block of messages, for use within the same account. This option is especially useful when using selected columns in multiple messages.

You can find more information about blocks and instructions for saving them here.

Copying the entire message

This procedure can be used when you would like to adapt a message from one engagement scenario to another scenario, or use elements of one email in another.

It also works when copying emails between different edrone Workspaces and is especially useful for emails in multiple languages, since they are usually identical except for the text.

You can find instructions for copying an entire message here.

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