Who doesn't like receiving a message that feels personal, as if it was written especially for us?

We live in a time where customers not only appreciate personalized communications, but expect it. That's why using basic personalization elements such as merge tags and dynamic coupons have become a standard practice.

With personalized product recommendations, your emails feel less like just another promotional message and more like a conversation with a friend.

The outcome couldn't be different: higher conversion rates and a more positive Customer Experience!

edrone's system allows you to send personalized product recommendations using Dynamic Elements inside the Drag'n'Drop Editor.

Let's see how this works!

How to use Dynamic Elements on edrone

Dynamic Elements are found on the Drag'n'Drop Editor. To use them, go to the DESIGN section of any engagement scenario. You will see the Drag'n'Drop Editor, and to the left you will find the available Dynamic Elements – they will be marked with a ⚡ sign.

NOTE: Each engagement will offer different Dynamic Elements options. See the table below for an overview of all the options.

To add a Dynamic Element to the email, simply drag and drop. By default, it will appear as three basket icons in a white background while you are building the email. Once the email is sent, these basked icons will be replaced by actual products from your store.





The most sold products from the past 30 days.

All scenarios

Viewed Products

Products that the user has viewed.

Viewed Products

Restore Customers


All Newsletter types (except SMS)

Purchased products

Products that the user has purchased.

After Sale

Loyalty Program

Abandoned products

products that the user has abandoned in their cart

Recover Abandoned Carts


Observed products

products that the user has added to their wishlist.

→ Wishlist


products with the highest probability of conversion regarding each specific user based on previous interactions with the store (products viewed / added to cart / purchased).



NOTE: Since the Recommended element relies on Machine Learning, it needs time to gather information about each customer. However, it will constantly improve results over time.

Regardless of which type of Dynamic Element is chosen, it is possible to change it's visual properties in the Drag'n'Drop Editor:

  • Grid type: choose how many products you want to show, from 1 to 6

  • Fallback to bestsellers: by enabling this option, you fill any empty spaces with your bestselling products. For example, if you use the Abandoned Carts element with 3 product slots, but the customer has left two products on their cart, the Fallback to bestsellers option will add one bestselling product to complete the section. If this option was left disabled in this case, that email would show a void space where the third product would be.

  • Show name: show the product's name

    • If enabled, a new section will appear where you will be able to change the text font, size, color, alignment, and whether or not you wish to shorten the title so it occupies only one line.

  • Show Call to Action: show a button beneath each product, which will be automatically set up to take the user to that product's page (as it is on your Product Feed)

    • If enabled, a new section will appear where you will be able to change the button's text, color, font size, border radius and padding.

  • Container padding: here you can control the space between the elements section and the borders of the email. Toggle the "more options" switch to control each side's padding individually.

  • Responsive design: choose whether or not you wish to hide this element on your email's desktop or mobile version.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about Dynamic Elements in edrone, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@edrone.me

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