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What is a block and how to save it?
What is a block and how to save it?
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Each row of elements is called a block. You can have any number of elements inside a block, but they will always match the block's column structure, which can be up to 4 columns per row.

In the message creator it is possible to save an entire block of the project. This functionality definitely simplifies the creative process - especially when individual elements of the message are repeated in each message (for example, the footer).

To save a given block, just click on it and then select Save (the third icon).

The second (and final) step is to assign a category and optionally tags to the block to be saved.

Done! You will find the saved block in the Blocks section.

You can use the block saved in this way in any e-mail. Just drag the block from the blocks tab to the message creation.

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